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1. Shanghai Yatai Instrumentation Facotry was established in August 1991, at that time Yatai was linked to the collective system and the registered capital is about RMB half a million with 20 employees. And Yatai only produce analog electronic temperature controller and digital display temperature controller at that time.

2. In September 1999, Shanghai Yatai Instrumentation Factory was converted into Shanghai Yatai Instrumentation Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of RMB half a million and more than 30 employees.

3. In June 1999, self-tuning temperature regulating instrument had been successfully developed and indentified as a new product by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.

4. In May 1999, Yatai has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.(It is now the fifth cycle up to 2012)

5. Self-tuning temperature regulating instrument has obtained the certificate by Shanghai Scientific and Technological Achievements in September 1999 (Certificate No. 0013660), gained the certificate of annual Shanghai New Product in October 1999 (Certificate No. 99XP83809), and won the National Key Product Certificate in June 2000 (Certificate No. 2000G04ID680076) .

6. Intelligent Digital display regulator was awarded the certificate of the Transformation of High-Tech Achievements in June 2000.

7. Yatai has got the High-Tech Enterprises Certificate in December 2000 (Certificate No. 0131009HK020 ).

8. Yatai has won the Qualified Measurement Enterprise in August 2001 by Shanghai Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision. And Yatai also won the Quality Assured Enterprise in September 2001 by Shanghai Hongkou District Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.

9. In 2002, Yatai’s registered capital expand to RMB 5 million and the number of employees has increased to 60. Except the temperature controller, Yatai has expanded the products to more than 10 series, such as photoelectric sensors, motor speed instruments and counting, timing instrumentations.

10. Yatai has been acquisition of land in Baoshan City Industrial Park about 14300 square meter, and has planned to construct the modern plant about 25000 square meter in three stages.

11. The first phase of plant of 4300 square meter and dormitory building of 3800 square meter has been put into use in 2004.

12. The registered capital has been expanded to RMB 13 million, and the employees have been increased to more than 100 in 2005. Also the product series have been increased to more than 20.

13. Yatai has won the CE certificate about its instrumentation products in May 2006.

14. Yatai awarded the title “Shuang Ai Shuang Ping Advanced Company” by Shanghai City Federation of trade unions.

15. The second of 3600 square meter plant has been used in 2006.

16. The company party branch has won the title of “ BaoShan District Wu Hao Party Organization” in 2007.

17. Self-adaptive temperature controller has been a project made by National SME Innovation Fund in 2008 and accepted by the experts in early 2011.

18. In 2008, Yatai won the title of advanced party organization by Bao Shan City Industrial Park.

19. Yatai has passed the review of High-Tech Enterprise in December 2008 (Certificate No. GR200831000781).

20. Yatai has won the title of 2009 advanced labor union in Bao Shan City Industrial Park.

21. In 2009, the self-adaptive temperature controller was awarded the silver medal of the twenty-second Shanghai Excellent Invention.

22. In 2009, intelligent digital display regulator has won the Shanghai Independent Innovation New Product Certification.

23. In 2009, self-adaptive temperature controller has won the Shanghai Independent Innovation New Product Certification.

24. In 2010, Yatai won the EXPO knowledge contest group third prize and outstanding organization award.

25. In August 2010, the textile machinery digital servo controller has been made a project of software and integrated circuit industries development special funds by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization.

26. From April to June 2011, the three leading section of product selection guide has been published which include Automation Instruments volume, Inverter and Motion Control volume and Experimental Instrument Controllers volume. Products has been increased to about 70 series.

27. Yatai has won the CE certificate about its inverter products in August 2011.

28. Yatai labour union won the title of advanced standardized labour union by Bao Shan City Industrial Park.

29. Yatai labour union won the best organization prize of first and second skill contests of non-public enterprise hold by Bao Shan City Industrial Park in 2011.

30. Yatai has passed the review of ISO9001:2008 management system in April 2012 (the fifth cycle).

31. In May 2012, the intelligent color mark detection photoelectric sensor has won the silver prize of twenty-fourth Shanghai Advanced Invention.

32. The third phase of 16000 square meter plant has been built in June 2012.


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